Why Us

AQUA LIFE GUARD – is the most economical Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier in India. But the quality of the purified water is guaranteed as good as the costliest brands available in India. Why AQUA LIFE GUARD cost is so low? Firstly, Because of high sales volume in Northern India including NCR (National Capital Region) and very high consumption/ purchase by the Indian Army, the profit margin is kept low. High sales volume yields considerable profits. Secondly, there is no advertisement overhead on the product. There is no brand ambassador to endorse the brand saving lot amount of money. Thirdly, no gimmick like filter change alarm and others are incorporated in the products. Even without doubting the effectiveness of all those unnecessary features, the simple idea is all consumable components in an RO system have a service life which is measured in terms of the quantity of how much water can be filtered. All consumable needs to be replaced on completion of its service life. If you can do it yourself it is well and good, but if you cant, then you have to depend on technically sound person or service provider who can replace those parts and supply them as well. Even if there is any alarming system you have to follow the same procedure. If you feel that we are speaking logically, then please go ahead and chose a product that suits your budget and need and place an order with us. If you have any questions please call us or mail us, we will reply to all your queries. After all it is your money which you want to spend for buying a product directly related to your family’s health, you have your right to know about the product to your fullest satisfaction.

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